Active Vacations for Diabetics

Taking a vacation used to mean going somewhere and relaxing; doing nothing beyond some sight-seeing and getting some culture. Nowadays things have changed, and active vacations that involve physical participation can be found for almost every taste and physical ability. For people with diabetes, choosing such a vacation should be done with some caution and consideration for just how much activity you're ready to handle.

If you're looking for a suitable biking or walking-related vacation, there are some things to look for in such a vacation:

Matching. Trips with lengths and levels of difficulty that not only match your interests but also, your physical abilities;

Support. Trips that offer a van or other vehicle support so that on days when you need a break or would rather take things easy, you've got an out;

Flexible participation. This isn't 1942 in Bataan, you shouldn't be forced to walk anywhere you don't want to, especially if you're not feeling up to it. Look for trips that allow you to do as much or as little as you like and at your own preferred pace.

Group leaders. People climbing Mt. Everest need a guide and group leader, but so do people on nature walks.

Just keep in mind that you have to be realistic about your abilities. Picking a vacation and putting down a deposit on one is not the time to decide you want to challenge yourself to some Herculean feat if you're in no shape to be trying it.

Before you commit to any active vacation, it is important to contact a representative from whomever is hosting the vacation to confirm that it fits within your interests and abilities.

Photo: Big Think, Everything Queens Town

Diabetics should never participate in physical activities outside of their physical ability.