Diabetes: Should You Have that Cup of Coffee?

With so many dietary restrictions, diabetics might wonder: is it okay to have that morning cup of coffee? How many cups per day are safe?

Coffee lovers will be happy to know that a 'cup of Joe' is not only okay, but good for you!

Coffee and Diabetes

There is plenty of research to suggest that coffee may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Scientists are not entirely sure of the link, yet. Promising studies show, however, that people who drink a lot of coffee reduce the risk of diabetes.

Coffee also helps people who already have diabetes by protecting against certain diabetes-related complications, like cognitive decline.

Putting it In Perspective

Even though research is promising, it doesn’t mean you should hit the local coffee bars with abandon. You shouldn't down more coffee than regularly recommended, which is no more than 6 6-oz cups daily at most. Also keep in mind that artificial sweeteners, sugar and high fat, high carbohydrate cream can bring drawbacks that outweigh the benefits.

Being diabetic means learning to take things in moderation and to find a healthy balance— so if you love your coffee, enjoy it!

Photo: KWWL