Researchers Investigating Blueberries as Diabetes Treatment

Some researchers found that blueberry tea may be able to reduce insulin dependence. Now, scientists are studying the tiny fruit for its big potential benefits.

The Discovery

It all started with Gerard Spicer, an insulin-dependent diabetic with Type 2 diabetes, began drinking an herbal tea that contains blueberry leaves and fruit. His diabetes saw some improvement, and researchers were inspired by the results.

The Research

Michelle Keske of The Menzies Institute is currently studying blueberry tea to see if it has any potential in treating diabetes. Pre-clinical trials show that it might actually help reduce insulin dependence. "The tea has enabled that hormone, insulin, to improve glucose uptake into muscle and by doing that it lowers blood glucose levels and it does that by stimulating blood flow," said Keske.


Blueberries are actually considered a 'super food' because they're full of antioxidants, fiber and Vitamin C. Studies have shown that eating just a cup of blueberries per week can result in lower blood pressure, lower LDL (the 'bad' cholesterol) and they're believed to speed up the metabolism. So if you like blueberries or blueberry tea, you can enjoy without guilt.

Photo: Social Lizard