New Device May Help Parents of Diabetic Kids Sleep More Soundly

When your child has Type 1 diabetes, you may find yourself too worried to get a good night's sleep. Blood sugar can drop to dangerously low levels at night, resulting in a host of serious complications, such as diabetic seizures. Now, there may be a way for you to rest more soundly.

A New Device

There's a new gadget set to hit the market, and it may be life-saving. Recent research at Stanford tested a glucose sensor worn under the skin at night. It's connected to a computer by the bed, which is in turn connected to an insulin pump.

If a child's blood sugar levels plummet while they sleep, the sensor detects it and tells the computer to shut down the insulin pump. When glucose levels rise again, the pump is turned back on.

How This Helps

According to some reports, some two-thirds of diabetic seizures happen at night. There are already devices on the market that set off an alarm when blood glucose levels begin to drop dangerously low, however people don't always hear the alarms.

This new product doesn't require you to even wake up-- it takes care of the problem while everyone sleeps.

So far studies have been conducted on 15 to 45 year olds, but a new round of studies is set to be done on children from three to 15. The device looks very promising. If results are as expected, this can save a lot of parents the trouble of waking up every 3 hours to test blood sugar.

Photo: Huffington Post